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Personalized Media Communications Completes a Patent Licensing Agreement with Panasonic and its subsidiaries
March 5, 2014

Sugar Land, TX, March 5, 2014 – Personalized Media Communications, LLC (PMC), which develops, owns and licenses a unique portfolio of patents that enhance media delivery and content (PMC Portfolio), has successfully concluded a new patent licensing agreement with Panasonic Corporation and its subsidiaries. Both parties have agreed that the details of the licensing agreement are confidential. Read more »

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Technologies that Help People Connect

Personalized Media Communications, LLC, has developed and owns a portfolio of fundamental inventions. Compiled over a thirty-year period by its founder and lead inventor, John C. Harvey, PMC’s intellectual property rights cover a variety of communications systems, devices and networks.

PMC inventions address the delivery and presentation of enhanced media content -- media that is interactive and often personalized to maximize the interest and engagement of each recipient. The inventions are applicable to any media delivery platform, such as traditional cable and satellite TV or the Internet, and enable publishers, advertisers, businesses, and consumers to enjoy the full benefit of new media content in a limitless variety of ways.

All of PMC’s active U.S. patents have either 1981 or 1987 priority dates. Most will not begin to expire until 2027 or 2028.


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