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About Us

PMC licenses exclusively its own internally invented patents. PMC does not acquire 3rd party patents for assertion.  Read more about PMC’s licensees »

PMC filed its first patent, 4,694,490, a 45-page document, on November 3, 1981. John Harvey and Jim Cuddihy were the named inventors. This first patent did not issue until September 15, 1987. PMC’s second patent, 4,704,725, issued on November 3, 1987. The ‘725 patent, 550 pages long, elaborated on ideas in the first filing, providing additional disclosures. It eventually yielded another ten patents, issuing from 1990-1999.

All of PMC’s patents share priority dates with those two patents from 1981 or 1987. Delays from the US Patent Office, however, meant that the bulk of PMC’s portfolio did not begin issuing until 2010. These early priority dates coupled with terms extending until at least the late 2030’s give PMC’s patents an incomparably long coverage span in their fields.  Read more about PMC’s patent portfolio »

John C. Harvey, a prolific inventor with a gift for designing and improving computing technologies and electronic communications systems and services, founded PMC in 1981. From early childhood, John had been fascinated by broadcast media and the control systems for programming and advertising. John’s experience as a naval officer exposed him to computer-controlled communications and sparked his insights into what would ultimately be the PMC patent portfolio.  Read more about John C. Harvey »

John Harvey, Tom Scott, and Jim Cuddihy 
attending the National Inventors Hall of Fame Dinner in May 2016.

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