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Aaric S. Eisenstein
Vice President - Licensing Strategy

Aaric Eisenstein is Vice President of Licensing Strategy. He is responsible for analyzing markets, identifying opportunities, and negotiating transactions. He has contributed to leading publications about PTAB fairness and other subjects and serves each year as a panelist and/or moderator at various industry conferences.  He is the Chair of the LES Patent Licensing Standards Committee.

Before joining PMC in 2012, Aaric held leadership positions in early-stage, technology-driven companies that focused on areas such as food manufacturing, software, and online geopolitical intelligence.

At PMC Aaric works in the following four areas:

  • He leads the company’s economic analyses.  These include models for licensing rates and pricing structures as well as evaluating new business opportunities.

  • He works with other members of PMC’s Licensing Team and has negotiated several licenses in the US and Asia.

  • Aaric gives voice to PMC’s thought leadership positions, including on 101, PTAB fairness, and patent quality. 

  • He has educated Congressional offices on IP issues and the need for legislative fixes to problems in the US patent regime.


Mr. Eisenstein received his BA in Political Economy from Williams College and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

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